about ywc

About us

YWC is the Catalyst of Yoruba Land

We stand to pioneer effective ideas, promptingly gearing slow minds to advantageous reflections and relentlessly awakening slumbering stars of Yoruba Land to be actively useful for our Tribe.

Yoruba Land is undeniably endowed, it is a Land that is naturally, divinely and uniquely blessed. Even though, so many things appear messy on our Land presently, Yoruba World Congress is not moved, we continue to fix our gaze beyond all visible and invisible messes.

Yoruba World Congress holds its hope tight, and we futuristically believe that our conceived imaginations shall soon be successfully birthed upon our prestigious Yoruba Land.

Our Vision


  • To reinstate and restore the lost dignity and glory of the Yoruba Kingdom which the British subsumed and submerged into their obnoxious amalgamation of 1914:
  • To guarantee and protect human rights as enshrined in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights:
    to revive and vigorously sustain our custom, culture and tradition, elevate and sustain Yoruba language, and prevent it from going into extinction by all means possible:
  • To restore all the lost infrastructural amenities in Yoruba land i.e., electricity and power supply, water, agriculture, healthcare, technological advancement and sustainable development:
  • To bring the Nation of Oduduwa to the comity of nations and the central world stage where we aspire to belong
  • To eradicate and eliminate poverty, illiteracy and all vestiges of bad governance from our people:
    to create an egalitarian society where all human vices of bribery and corruption, nepotism and favoritism are totally eliminated:
  • To reinvigorate and inculcate the ethos of Omoluabi into our ways of life and governance:
    to guarantee fraternal relationship with all neighbouring countries in the sub region, the continent of Africa and the rest of the world:
  • To establish a strong, viable and sustainable business, commercial and economic relationship with the rest of the world through economic, scientific, cultural and technical cooperation agreements:
    to protect Yoruba land against internal and external aggressions.

the pledge


Yoruba World Congress (YWC) does not believe in War but embraces Peace.
Diplomatically, YWC shall ascertain better livelihoods for every Resident of Yoruba Land. Through diplomacy, we aim to lead, to serve, to protect, to defend and to unite Yoruba Land Indigenes, and those that love our values.

the anthem

YWC anthem

Iṣẹ́ wa fún ilẹ̀ wa
Fún Ilẹ̀ ìbí Wa
Ká gbe ga, ká gbe ga
Ká gbe ga f’áyé rí.

Ìgbàgbọ́ wa ni pé
B’ati b’ẹ́rú la b’ọ́mọ
Ká ṣiṣẹ́, ká ṣiṣẹ́
Ká ṣiṣẹ́, ká j’ọlà.

Ìṣọkan àt’òmìnira
Ni kẹ jẹ́ ká máa l’épa
Tẹ̀síwájű f’ọ́pọ̀ ire
Àt’ohun tó dára.

Ọmọ Oòduà dìde
Bọ́ sípò ẹ̀tọ́ rẹ
Ìwọ ni ìmọ́lẹ̀
Ògo Adúláwọ̀